In 1990, noted author and psychiatrist M. Scott Peck and attorney Elliot Talenfeld began a decade-long correspondence about the implications of Peck’s famous dictum, in The Road Less Traveled, that “any truly loving relationship is one of mutual psychotherapy.” Talenfeld and his therapist-wife had spent three years in an intentional, self-help community that practiced its own form of mutual therapy . . . with a spiritual twist. Calling his insights on the subject “extremely rich,” Peck encouraged the author to “continue to the end with writing this book, to which you quite obviously seem called.” The result, presented here, is an Indie Book Awards Finalist in both the RELATIONSHIP and NEW AGE categories.


A former law professor and partner at a prominent firm, Talenfeld also holds a master of counseling degree and serves as a Jewish Cantor. Drawing on such diverse training and experience, his passion for self-examination and courageous self-disclosure now yield an unexpected wealth of worldly, psychological and spiritual insight.


Dedicated “to every heart so foolish as to have no doubt, and every mind so arrogant as to have no faith,” this remarkable work offers a new, psychospiritual perspective--one that speaks to and through mind and heart, left brain and right, simultaneously. Those who have longed for such a synthesis won’t be able to put this down.