Stanley Krippner, PAST PRESIDENT OF APA DIV 32 (SOCIETY FOR HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY) says of Through A Still Imperfect Lens:


“Having known Scott Peck, I was intrigued by the history of this book and why Peck urged its execution. I was not disappointed. The author's “imperfect lens” is skillfully portrayed. His spiritual anguish is painfully frank, without being tawdry. It is inspiring without being saccharine. It moves from the depth to the heights of human existence in vivid prose, taking readers along for the journey. Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride! But it is one you won't want to miss.”

Talenfeld’s book, THROUGH A STILL IMPERFECT LENS, invites the reader to accompany him on an intimate and unflinching journey into the dark and uncharted topography of the human soul. The book is a passionate, inspired amalgam of New Age Spirituality, Eastern Mysticism and intense, Talmudic self-examination, combined with the psycho-spiritual philosophies of self-actualization promoted by Maslow, Rogers and Buber. The author, using his own life as a template, bravely attempts the reconciliation of transactional and transformational approaches to human relationships. He brings his heart to the slaughter and his best bone to the fight! The book is engaging and easy to understand, offering ample rewards for the thoughtful and discerning reader. It has certainly inspired me!  -- Gary Bynkoski
Author offers impromptu "Prayer for the Congregation" at
historic Phoenix synagogue undergoing reconstruction.

To every heart so foolish
as to have no doubt, and
every mind so arrogant
as to have no faith;


*  *  *

 and to everyone

who has ever tried

to CHANGE another person


I am really enjoying reading this book, more than any I've read in quite some time. The excerpts that I'd been reading online were too intriguing not to want to read the whole thing, and it's so beautifully composed, gentle, honest, touching and ultimately hopeful, it would be a shame if everyone didn't read it. -- Tanja K Lindsay 


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