One cannot force another soul to change.

Relationship eschews all guaranties.

And tandem growth admits no settled range;

some partners will advance and some recede.


 Still, it is not for ourselves we change,

but for the love of another;

someone we love the way they are . . .

but also dearly want to love us back.


 (And in that active hoping lies the fun

 of all that we ourselves may yet become.)


Self sufficiency is ego’s cubic zirconium.

Its bright but worthless glitter obscures the earthly path

which, ever ours to fritter, portends an other-half.


 (Whose dowry, our honest vulnerability,

is the only true safe harbor.)


Do not mistake this for codependency.

True love bodes choice, not confinement.

But self-actualization is a half-truth;

the flower does not blossom for itself.


 So BE THOU the one FOR WHOM I might change,

and love me enough to flourish WITH ME.

Then, call me “Husband,” and I will call you “Wife.”


Our love for EACH OTHER makes our 

own change possible,

choice meaningful,

  and life worth living.